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Virginia Adult Driver Education

Virginia Adult Driver Education

Virginia Adult Driver Education

Learning to drive can be complex in today’s modern driving environments. At Always First Driving Academy, we make everything simple in your learning process, one step at a time. Regardless of age or ability, our patient professional training gives you an advantage over other drivers and the ability to interact with other road users easily and safely. Taking a driver education course with us may allow you to get a discount on your auto insurance as well.

You will need an Virginia Learners Permit to drive in Virginia. Once that is done, we can begin with your first lesson toward freedom and independence.

Driving Lessons

We will pick you up from your home or work to make each session of your learning process convenient and easy.  Each session of driving is geared to you and your needs, as a new driver.  We use fully dual controlled vehicles in order to make you feel safe and comfortable in this new endeavor.  All of our educators are patient, friendly professionals who care about making you the good, safe driver you can become.  Our educators are university educated, licensed and certified by the State of Virginia.

Lessons are 1 hour in length to ensure each lesson is a progressive and positive advancement in your learning process.  You can enroll with us and take one lesson at a time or you can enroll for a package of lessons.  Either way, we are sure you will have a great success and get your drivers license.  We will be here to guide you all the way to that day!

Online Training

We offer a comprehensive and interactive learning environment for you, via an online web page, and our partnership with, if you need help with the knowledge necessary to obtain your Indiana Learners Permit.  We will give you an access code that, from the comfort of your home, will enable you to take a 30 hour, 14 module self-paced training course.  This course will provide a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of driving and traffic safety.  Online driver education with is Indiana State approved and licensed through us at Always First Driving Academy. Read more about under our section “Online Driver Education”.

Contact us by email or telephone to enroll or to enquire about all the details of our numerous courses prepared just for you!

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