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About Us

About Us

About Us

Our driver education schools in both Indiana and Virginia were born out of a need to enhance the driving environment we all use. We began teaching students to drive based on the requirements set forth by the laws of each state and governed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This provides for a driving experience that is the best and safest we can make for our students.  At Always First Driving Academy we don’t cut corners. We strictly adhere to the rules set forth by each state! We have evolved over our many years in this complex world of driving to be so many things to so many different people, communities and organizations.

Our initial efforts were rewarded with knowledgeable, skilled and safe drivers being added to our roadways. Since then, we have trained tens of thousands of new drivers and placed them safely on our roadways.  Over these many years we have seen great technologies transform what was a very simple endeavor into a multifaceted approach to greater educational opportunities with greater learning and retention for each student.

This driving academy and its principals have received every award and recognition imaginable because of our care and diligence in each of our efforts.  It has been a truly illustrious career in driver education and traffic safety with you, the public, as the beneficiary.  We are delighted to have been here to serve you and see all the advances we have been able to provide to you.  There will be not resting on our laurels as we strive to bring you more and better ways to your success as a good, safe driver on our roadways.

The future is bright and we are delighted to continue to be a part of your lives and the growth you have as a driver on our roadways.  We serve both of our communities in Clarksville, IN and Richmond, VA with pride and a great sense of responsibility!

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