Teen Education

Teen Driver Education

Our teen courses are state of the art and cutting edge in every aspect of what we teach and how it is taught.  We are meticulous about ensuring that each little detail of every facet of driver education and traffic safety is covered.  For a greater learning experience and retention of what we teach, we use every aural and visual tool in combination with the finest driving educators.  We are dedicated to presenting the knowledge and skills of driving in a realistic professional manner.  There is so much more to driving than a simple driver's handbook or a set of keys!

You will get your permit during your 15th year, right after you enroll in our driver education course.  We provide all the information necessary and individually to each parent and student to ensure you both have a complete understanding of the State of Indiana processes and what driver education really is for you!  We are the first step to a very special privilege as a road user on our roadways.

Online Training:

Road Test

We offer a comprehensive and interactive learning environment for you, via an online web page, and our partnership with DriversEd.com, if you need help with the knowledge necessary to obtain your Indiana Learners Permit.  We will give you an access code that, from the comfort of your home, will enable you to take a 30 hour, 14 module self-paced training course.  This course will provide a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of driving and traffic safety.  Online driver education with DriversEd.com is Indiana State approved and licensed through us at Always First Driving Academy.  Read more about DriversEd.com under our section “Online Driver Education”.

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons:

While it gives you an advantage, you do not have to complete the DriversEd.com online course first in order to start driving with us.  There is no reason to wait 6 months or a year after you take the online course to begin to drive.  Learn with us concurrently, while the theory of driving you have just learned online is fresh in your mind.  Why wait when the finest driving academy in the nation is right around the corner from your home?  We serve all of Southern Indiana for your convenience.

Road Tests:

Road Test

After you have completed driver education and during your 16th year you will want to get your drivers license.  We can help you with this as well.  Our educators are not only great teachers of driver education and traffic safety, but excellent driving examiners also!  We are more patient and better trained to test your driving skills than any other source or individual in the State of Indiana.  Why be overly nervous with strangers who do not know you?  Why wait to take this all important test on days or times that are not convenient to you or your family?